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Dunson is striving to paint a “comprehensive picture of an artist.” A rapper, singer and producer, the Maryland native found influence in the likes of Pharrell and Timbaland, the latter of whom he credits as the reason he picked up a beat machine. And on his latest single, “Hot,” Dunson sampled a track that his biggest influence once flipped for Missy Elliott back in 2003 – but it was a mere coincidence.

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New Music: Oceans

artworks-000054258408-brksg7-t500x500“Most people say remixes and freestyles are cliché and I usually stay away from them. But as an emcee, if you didn’t want to jump on this Magna Carta track…you’re tripping! They left a hole in the beat, so I looped it, threw some drums on it and vented about everything from the industry and cougars to performing at SOBs and my lack of Hublot designer watches.”

An Investment Into New Age Rap

maxresdefaultBaltimore rapper, Kenton Dunson is the latest amongst a throng of rappers to hit the scene, but trust us, this one has longevity. Think a mashup of Childish Gambino and J Cole, with a little less aggression and more relatability. But don’t take our word for it, before reading any further we suggest a backing track, The Investment… More from IMC Magazine >

Sarah Harrison: Discovering Dunson

Sarah_Harrison_A-4615Well ladies and gentlemen, I loudly pronounce Dunson the “freshest artist alive”. I should have probably ended with that sentence, but there was no beating around the bush on this one. On paper, this Baltimore citizen sounds like a (mad) genius and in reality, well, he IS! A financial advisor deserts his occupation to focus on the music trade – gamble, much?! Read the whole story >

Get To Know Rising Hip-Hop Star, Dunson!

Listening to Dunson’s music, you can tell he’s heavily influenced by the current mix of hip-hop stars like Kanye, Drake, with some Kendrick Lamar and a sprinkle of J. Cole. That let’s us know he’s on-trend – but he’s not a “soundalike” by any stretch of the imagination. Dunson’s music feels down-to-earth, in an industry where rappers are proclaiming they are “God” – Dunson realizes that he may be flawed. Read the full story >